Dear A-Tolo


The first time you gave me a big ol doggy kiss on my ear as if you were telling me a secret, I knew you had to be ours. To tell you the truth it hurt more than anything because we were told by people that we weren’t ready to have a that kind of responsibility and I started doubting myself. After weeks of looking at your photo and shutting out everyone’s opinion we decided we would do whatever we could to keep you a healthy happy companion, and the rest has been history.


You my little sass monster, at only 5 months old have lit a spark inside me. Because of you I smile more, my energy feels a lot more positive and open, and you have taught me to be more patient and understanding. The surprises are never ending, and neither are the messes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are such a smart pooch, you don’t always like to show off your brains but when you do you shine brighter then ever. We do too, you fill our hearts with pride and joy. As much as I love being able to pick you up, I can’t wait to see what a big, strong, handsome, man you grow into. I have no doubt in my mind that you will have a life full of love and adventure.


P.s your name means wild in maasia, so you’ve got to live up to it.


Love Always,