Why am I writing this?

Hey everyone!

Where do I begin? I don’t want to start off by talking about who I am or what I like to do, ill bring that in later on.  I am new to this whole blogging and am not too sure what I am writing about, but I want to make something of myself. So maybe I should start by sharing my dreams.

Just like many of you I dream of making money from doing what makes me happy, which are my passions. But what happens when you have quite a few passions? How do you live the best life when you want to do so much and not a lot of cash? I am still trying to find these answers and that’s why I am writing this today. I can’t wait to see where this gets me. My fortune cookie said last night “you cant fight a wave so you might as well learn to surf” -Kicking horse palace. Bring on the wave, I want to be as good as coco ho (professional surfer) when I am done.

Please follow along with me as I ride this out.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Betty kissed a bucket list dream right off my face


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