This is About Fish

About 3 and a half years ago I picked up a fly-fishing rod for first time. I can tell you that it wasn’t love at first cast, it was more like frustration at first tangle. The amount of time used to untangle line and the money wasted on every fly that I lost and for what? Not a single bite while the person next to me hooked into a beautiful bow, man it was irritating. So why do I keep fishing you ask? It’s the fish, I think they are such an incredible species that truly need for recognition. I studied Recreation, Fish, and Wildlife at Selkirk College, entered the program for my fascination with wildlife and truly thought that I was going to be working along side the wild animals. Not so long after we started, I found that the fisheries class is where my mind started to tick with questions and that’s where it really began.


Jesse trying to catch the eye of a bully hanging out.

Even though I wasn’t catching any fish my partner Jesse was and I was getting to spend more and more time around fish and fish habitat. I started to understand basic things about them, stuff like where they would be taking cover or how to identify a feeding line along a lake. Eventually I started to catch fish on my own and I realized that it wasn’t just the fish any more, but it was the sport itself. To catch a fish on a fly it takes so much more then just chucking a lure into the water and reeling in. Reading the river to find out where the fish will be sitting or turning over rocks to see what the hatch is. Fly fishing is peaceful but tactical as the same time. The stress of everyday life fades away as you make your way down the river.


My fish of a lifetime, 10 lbs bull trout.

I am grateful for every fish that had taken my fly. I hope that I have treated them well enough so that they live on spreading their genes to keep and create a strong fisheries for everyone.

Tight lines everyone!

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